Cool pants to beat the heat…

It was 100 degrees over the weekend and I thought, what happened to spring? It’s the kind of weather where jeans, especially skinny jeans, feel like sweater casings wrapped around my legs. Lately I’ve been looking for another cool, pant alternative other than my go-to khakis for hot weather days. Since harem pants are out of the question (I gave them a try at Zara’s dressing room and nope),  I’ve been looking for loose-fitting pants in light fabrics that are breezy and comfy.

I found a few options from Zara and Madewell in linen and ones with fun prints. Paired with a lightweight tee or tank, my skin has room to breath and hopefully I’ll be less likely to whine about how hot it is. Summer weather, let’s wait until the end of June okay?

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Mother’s Day is coming up in a few days and I will admit it’s hard to think of what to get my lovely, but very picky mom. Okay, I guess that trait has been passed down to me and birthdays and holidays with the family usually end up with lots of gift cards. So in my fantasy world where I can get my mom whatever I’d like and she’s guaranteed to love it, I’d get her any of these:

1, Cadiz Serving Bowl via Anthropologie because she loves to cook for the family.

2, Worishofer sandals because my mom is all about comfortable shoes.

3, Uniqlo Cabbages & Roses scarf for those chilly Spring evenings.

4, Voluspa Ceramic Candle in Macaron because these are just the best candles and the container is so pretty.

5, Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’ Large Tote because she adores these totes and can’t have enough of them.

6, J.Crew Summer Straw Hat for her exciting trip to Europe and I’m so jealous.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!


A food lover’s hat


How cool is this hat? It’s called the “Dinner” hat and that makes me love it even more. The shape alone is super stylish, but the fork and knife is perfect for any food lover. Unfortunately, I’d have to fly out to Japan to get one so I will just continue to admire it here.

(Image via GO OUT online)

New Spring sandals


Don’t you love those moments when you’re shopping at a store and your eyes immediately see an amazing shirt/shoe/sweater/etc., and you want to buy it right away because it’s so cool and you have to have it?

That’s how I felt when I saw these red leopard sandals on Zara’s website and I had an urge to impulse buy. I tend to have better restraint when it comes to online shopping but I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I just loved that it looked so bright and happy and the faux-fur texture was a fun little detail. Of course, I took this as a sign that I truly loved it and I knew it would be money well-spent.

So I bought them after a week, waited until it got a little warmer to wear them, and now I can’t stop staring at them. Red shoes surprisingly work with a lot of outfits and it creates a nice pop of color when you just want to throw on jeans and a plain tee. I think we all need a pair of fun shoes or at least one that will brighten up our day, right?

A good weekend…


It was a one of those weekends where I somehow managed to be really productive and yet still had time for fun. It always feels so satisfying to get a lot done especially when there is a room for a nap somewhere in between. On Friday, I went to Old Navy to return a couple of things but of course you just end up browsing. I could tell they were channeling J.Crew which meant a lot of cute stuff! I bought a couple of striped shirts and I couldn’t resist the print on these pajama pants.


On Saturday morning, we made our favorite french toast recipe (except we use milk instead of half and half) with the sweetest, fresh-squeezed orange juice.



I finally went to the Rose Bowl flea market for the first time on Sunday and now I understand why everyone loves it. The amount of stuff to look at was overwhelming at first, but I got the hang of it and I started to like the thrill of hunting around. I’m really happy with my new coral and I got this really cool recipe converter for $5. Now that I’ve had my flea market primer, I will definitely be coming back.

Hope you had a good weekend, too!