Over the weekend…


How was your weekend? We celebrated my cousin’s birthday at Honey Pig where we feasted on delicious Korean bbq. My family raved about their kimchi but the best part was that we got to take home these amazing pig lighters. The flame comes out of its nose! And guess where you fill it with butane? Hilarious.


My husband and I made a quick trip to the farmer’s market before lunch and I was excited to find craspedia (or billy buttons). I’ve been seeing it a lot on wedding blogs lately and this was the first time I got to see it in person. Did you know they are a genus of daisies? They are much cooler than daisies.


Hope you had a fantastic weekend too!

The layers of Copenhagen Pastry

Don’t you love places that make you feel you’ve been transported somewhere else the minute you walk in? On a rainy, Saturday morning I stopped by Copenhagen Pastry in Culver City and it really felt like I was in a small town neighborhood bakery. With its charming and minimalist Scandinavian-designed space, the light and flakey pastries really stand out, some filled with my favorites like almond paste and custard. It was so hard to choose but the friendly staff offered samples of their best sellers and patiently explained what’s in everything. My favorites are now spandauer and kringle piece!

When I saw this behind the scenes video of Copenhagen Pastry, it reminded me of the warmth you feel walking into their bakery. It’s nice to see people who love and care for their work and you can really feel and taste it in their pastries.