Etsy Kitchen Finds


1. Wool felt rectangular placemat, FitzFelt
I know what you’re thinking. They’re just pieces of felt, right? But these are not like the ones you played with in elementary school. FitzFelt’s products are 100% wool felt imported from Germany and they’re sustainable. As simple as they are, the quality and pops of color make them really stand out.

2. Tenugui (hand-dyed Japanese towel), tezome
I’ve been meaning to get a tenugui because I like the idea that it can be used a multitude of ways. Tezome has a great line of patterns and each towel even comes with a handmade card.

3. Hibiscus flower table runner, Kainkain
Kainkain offers kitchen and other home accessories that not only have nice designs but are very affordable. It’s not often you get both. Check out their cool pillows, too!

4. Dishwasher magnets, inkjet
A scene from the other day… Boyfriend putting a dirty glass into the dishwasher. Me: Aaahh! No, the dishes in there are clean! These magnets might be handy so I can be less of a spaz.

Fading Peonies


Did you know peonies change color as they get older? The bright pink one on the right just bloomed today, the top one yesterday, and the pale pink on the left has been open for a couple of days now. I bought them when they were buds and I thought they would never open up but here they are blooming to the size of my hand. They really fill up a vase and it’s a much better deal than roses which are kind of overrated.

Why I love Target


I was leisurely roaming around Target this morning with an urge to shop. This could have been potentially dangerous because it is just like going food shopping when you’re starving. I was just about to leave after a whole internal struggle with myself on buying things I don’t really need when I passed by this Orla Kiely tablecloth all by its lonesome. And what? Is that a red clearance tag I see? Yes! To the check-out counter!

I saw this tablecloth months ago and decided to pass on it at the time. Of course, much of Orla Kiely’s Target line disappeared in a flash and I was just thinking the other day about how I should have bought it. Well like they say, good things come to those who wait – or maybe I’m the only one who likes it or needs to cover their hand-me-down dining table that looks a bit country.

I know all the design blogs have been obsessing over these for some time and I’m sure all of them have at least one Orla Kiely Target product by now. Now I completely understand the hype because the colors and the pattern have really brightened up the room. Yep, this tablecloth totally made my day.

Cute overload

Here are a couple of goodies that I picked up from the Unique LA event…



I bought the scarf and hoodie combo pictured on the left or you can call it “scoodie” to add on some extra cuteness. I had only seen this idea floating around the internet but this was the first time I saw one in person. So of course I couldn’t miss out on an opportunity to have my very own scoodie and Eon had a great selection with many different colors and patterns. The best part is that it’s reversible!

It was obvious at the Unique event that the bf/gf duo that comprises of the Eon team were both so excited and passionate about their creations. What’s even better is that they were so cool and helpful. And who wouldn’t love someone who comes up with sushi pillows?


fomato cards

Is it weird that I like to entertain myself by reading the cards on fomato’s website? Their greeting cards have adorable characters combined with clever humor and are loaded with cute. I got the card above for my music-obsessed cousin who wears lots of graphic shirts. Yes, this card and my cousin were meant to be and I can’t wait to hear him laugh when he reads it. Plus fomato cards are perfect for your hip, modern friends. Where else can you get a card for that very special Facebook friend?

Etsy finds at Unique LA

There were so many vendors at the Unique LA event and it was great to see that a lot of them have Etsy shops. I loved the idea that I could meet the artist in person and be able to physically look at the items they’re selling. Plus, I don’t have to pay shipping and I get to take it home right then!

These were two of my favorites:



The name is very fitting because there was an explosion of bold graphic prints on aprons, oven mitts, potholders, wallets, passports holders, etc. My eyes will always automatically veer towards bright pretty patterns and I saw her booth from a mile away. What was more impressive was the quality and craftsmanship of each item. It is definitely worth your money! I coveted an apron to replace my old Hello Kitty one that I got for free at Sanrio (remember those gift stamps?). Unfortunately, Collisionware’s etsy shop doesn’t have all the selections they offered at Unique but I am crossing my fingers that she will update her store soon.



Somehow the texture and layers on hitree’s products makes it so adorable. It seems to be calling out to you, “Touch me. I’m cute.” I imagine it wouldn’t feel so nice during the summer time because of it’s very thick material (felt? wool?) but it will you make you happy just looking at it.

So now all we need is to get Etsy to start holding events like Unique LA. They should invite members to participate in their local area and it would be a live Etsy shop. Wouldn’t that be great?

Next up are my purchases from non-Etsy, but just as special, sellers.

An inspirational field trip


I am really looking forward to the Unique Los Angeles event! This show gathers all the artists and designers in the community to showcase their creative goods and where I can drool in awe and shop at the same time! I can’t wait to get inspired and be among people who love design as much, and probably ten times more, than I do.

Check it out! Unique Los Angeles

Image via Unique LA.