Recipe | Chocolate Macaroons


I think my dad and possibly five other people in the world might say that their favorite American candy bar is Hershey’s Mounds. Remember those dark chocolate-covered coconut bars? Surprisingly, they still exist. My dad will happily eat any coconut confection you give to him, unless you pour white chocolate all over it, which would cause him to cringe in horror. For Father’s Day I wanted to make my dad a coconut-y treat and what else could I choose but the classic Coconut Macaroon.

Perhaps my dad is just getting older and his palette has changed, but he has recently developed a low threshold for anything sugary. The man who used to pack soda in his lunch bag everyday for work suddenly realized that it’s too sweet. Oh well, more for me! Continue reading

Hotdogless Memorial Day


We celebrated the long weekend with a bbq over my parents’ house and I can always count on the fact that they will go all out. I don’t think burgers and hot dogs even exist in my mom’s mental rolodex of foods to bbq. It would probably be under “afternoon snack” or “children’s party”. For my family, any holiday is an excuse to bring out the good stuff and indulge in it together. This time the main dishes were oysters and hunks of pork belly dipped in my mom’s special vinegar sauce. We sit, talk, and eat without worrying about the oyster juice splattering everywhere or that our fingers are covered in food. I love a group of people who know how to eat! Hope you enjoy your extra day off and treat yourself to something good. Whatever it is!