Over the weekend…


How was your weekend? We celebrated my cousin’s birthday at Honey Pig where we feasted on delicious Korean bbq. My family raved about their kimchi but the best part was that we got to take home these amazing pig lighters. The flame comes out of its nose! And guess where you fill it with butane? Hilarious.


My husband and I made a quick trip to the farmer’s market before lunch and I was excited to find craspedia (or billy buttons). I’ve been seeing it a lot on wedding blogs lately and this was the first time I got to see it in person. Did you know they are a genus of daisies? They are much cooler than daisies.


Hope you had a fantastic weekend too!

Nature’s colors

anemones english-peas

I know I’m really lucky to be living in sunny Los Angeles where Spring actually feels like Spring. This is usually the time where I start going to the farmer’s market more often and I get really excited about the abundance of fruits and vegetables available. Nothing wakes me up more on an early Sunday morning than the smells and colors of nature.

I really scored on my last trip because I was able to get two of my most favorite things: anemones and English peas. I didn’t get to have anemones at my wedding since they weren’t available and having them in my home to admire more than made up for it. I mean, how beautiful are those bursts of red against the white petals!┬áMy husband and I made a simple salad with our English peas and I’m still amazed by its subtle sweetness. As someone who didn’t care for peas before, these made a convert out of me.