Hitachino White Ale: beer for the lightweight

hitachino-whitealeHoppy? Malty? Say what? The key words I need to hear from a bartender when ordering beer are pale ale and fruity. Really, just tell me it’s light beer and I’ll drink it.

Hitachino White Ale is one of my favorite special beers that my boyfriend discovered when we had dinner at Campanile. When the bottle came to our table my first reaction was ooh, I like the label’s design. Then I took a sip and was as impressed by the taste since it fit my girlish beer requirements. Mild, fruity, not too bitter and yet gives a good buzz. Continue reading

Recipe | Mint Citrusade: a trio of lemon, lime and calamansi

I’m not a very outdoorsy person but one of my happy places is sitting outside in the shade on a breezy day with a cool drink in hand and a massive bbq spread on the table. Never mind that the bugs attack me even though the citronella candle is a foot away or that I feel my face swelling up from the pollen. I feel instantaneously relaxed in this setting. Continue reading