Washi tape luggage tag


I recently purchased a Briggs & Riley spinner luggage and while I love its smart and functional design, it blends in with all the other luggage at the airport. As we all know, looking for your bag during travel can be a hassle so I searched for luggage tag ideas to personalize it and give it a pop of color. Luggage ID tag? My bag already comes with one attached to the side. Neon luggage straps? A little too much. Tie a ribbon around the handle? I’ve done this and it just gets in the way.

So what else? Washi tape! It’s an inexpensive option and with so many colors and patterns available, you can personalize your bag however you want. Bright colors obviously work the best so you can easily spot it from far away.

For my bag, I chose a bright pink color and a gold polka-dot pattern with a thicker width and doubled the layer of each since washi tape can be a bit thin. I bought mine here but there are so many other stores on Etsy, too. Alternatively, I bet colored masking tape would work just as well!

DIY Pull-String Donkey Piñata


It’s almost Cinco de Mayo time so please let me introduce you to my donkey piñata. He took some time to build but he was also so much fun to make. I felt so festive making it that I couldn’t get the Mexican Hat Dance song out of my head. Fiesta colors are not normally my style but I ended up loving its over-the-top bright colors. He just looks so happy!


This pull-string version is a great alternative to a traditional piñata. Instead of hitting it like crazy until candy comes out, each person can nicely takes turns pulling one string from the bottom of the piñata. All the ribbons, except for one, are loosely attached to the box and will simply slide off when you pull it. The one winning ribbon is tied to the trapdoor at the bottom of the box which, once pulled, releases all the candy inside.


Pull-string piñatas are great for little ones who are still too young to do any damage to a cardboard box with a bat. It’s also great if you can’t bear to watch people destroy your piñata creation right in front of your eyes. And how can you hit such a happy little donkey?

Click here for instructions