On throwing away food…


The other night, I had to throw away a failed mound of mushy pie dough when I realized that I only added 215 grams of flour instead of 315 grams (geez, is it time to print in a larger font?). It was too late to save it and it broke my heart that I just wasted two sticks of butter. On the plus side, I have been better about not giving myself a hard time. After all, failing is a part of the learning process and it’s not always going to go perfectly.

Still, I get annoyed when I have to throw out a bag of wilted salad, or the old wine that my husband and I neglected to finish, or the moldy bread on the counter that I forgot to throw in the freezer. Then there are the leftovers from eating out or worse, food that someone gave you! Oh, the guilt. I eventually get over it and move on but I sure feel bad every time. Does it bother you when food goes to waste?

(Above: shriveling lemons and limes nearing their end; and my sad face.)