A good weekend…


It was a one of those weekends where I somehow managed to be really productive and yet still had time for fun. It always feels so satisfying to get a lot done especially when there is a room for a nap somewhere in between.¬†On Friday, I went to Old Navy to return a couple of things but of course you just end up browsing. I could tell they were channeling J.Crew which meant a lot of cute stuff! I bought a couple of striped shirts and I couldn’t resist the print on these pajama pants.


On Saturday morning, we made our favorite french toast recipe (except we use milk instead of half and half) with the sweetest, fresh-squeezed orange juice.



I finally went to the Rose Bowl flea market for the first time on Sunday and now I understand why everyone loves it. The amount of stuff to look at was overwhelming at first, but I got the hang of it and I started to like the thrill of hunting around. I’m really happy with my new coral and I got this really cool recipe converter for $5. Now that I’ve had my flea market primer, I will definitely be coming back.

Hope you had a good weekend, too!


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  1. This is wonderful. Looks like you have a fantastic weekend. These are lovely photographs! Thanks so much for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

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