Recipe | Brie, Bacon & Chicken Sandwich

They say you can always talk about the weather when chatting with strangers because it’s the one thing we all have in common. But you know what else is a great universal topic of conversation? Three things: bread, cheese and bacon.

It would be useful for parties in situations where you’re talking to a stranger and you’ve run out of things to say. Just pick up a piece of bread at the appetizer table and say something like, “Man, if there’s one thing I can’t live without, it’s some good bread and cheese.” I can only imagine their eyes will light up in agreement and they might even say, “And bacon!” Then you will be friends for life! Unless of course the person is vegan, allergic or obviously lame. Continue reading

My red pepper has a parasitic twin!


I found this little nubbin when I pulled out the center portion of the red bell pepper for our fajita dinner tonight. You would think it was kind of adorable because it’s like a mama pepper with a baby pepper inside. But it’s strangely the exact opposite. It’s just creepy and alien-like. The boyfriend proclaimed it was the big pepper’s parasitic twin. I agree. Just don’t google image search it.