Hitachino White Ale: beer for the lightweight

hitachino-whitealeHoppy? Malty? Say what? The key words I need to hear from a bartender when ordering beer are pale ale and fruity. Really, just tell me it’s light beer and I’ll drink it.

Hitachino White Ale is one of my favorite special beers that my boyfriend discovered when we had dinner at Campanile. When the bottle came to our table my first reaction was ooh, I like the label’s design. Then I took a sip and was as impressed by the taste since it fit my girlish beer requirements. Mild, fruity, not too bitter and yet gives a good buzz.

Since that night, we began our pursuit to find Hitachino White Ale to drink at home and eventually found out that it’s not that easy to find. What we did discover after several trips to different stores was that the Hitachino brand also carries other types of ales.hitachinobeers

You can find Hitachino ales at BevMo! (if you’re lucky), Whole Foods (I’ve only seen Nest Beer Amber Ale), and your local specialty wine & liquor stores (your best bet).

P.S. Can you tell we’ve been collecting the bottle caps? They’re too cute to throw away.