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I signed up for Anthropologie’s “Anthro” card and while I’m still not sure how it works exactly, it was free and came in this cool little bag! Great packaging is always a nice surprise when all I’m used to getting are tri-fold brochures with the card slapped on with rubber cement. It might seem much to have a bag hold a card but I can use it for other things like holding jewelry or as a mini wallet for quick errands. And it’s being green, right? I think that’s what all the cool kids like to hear nowadays.

The description of the perks are written on an accordion-folded paper inside the green card:

Welcome to anthro
We feel that the better we know you, the more we can do for you.
To put it quite simply, we want to offer you old-fashioned service –
No obligations, no catch!
Let’s unfurl the possibilities.

receipt-free returns

we’ll share our likes and loves

Early Bird
see it first buy it early

shower us with suggestions and together we’ll grow

what we hold dear…

The handmade look of the packaging fits perfectly with Anthropologie’s style and it really adds a personal touch. Signing up for this card just encourages me to shop, or more like gawk, at the store more often. Although somewhat pricey, they go beyond the cookie-cutter style and everything I have bought from there somehow feels unique and extra special.

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