Why I love Target


I was leisurely roaming around Target this morning with an urge to shop. This could have been potentially dangerous because it is just like going food shopping when you’re starving. I was just about to leave after a whole internal struggle with myself on buying things I don’t really need when I passed by this Orla Kiely tablecloth all by its lonesome. And what? Is that a red clearance tag I see? Yes! To the check-out counter!

I saw this tablecloth months ago and decided to pass on it at the time. Of course, much of Orla Kiely’s Target line disappeared in a flash and I was just thinking the other day about how I should have bought it. Well like they say, good things come to those who wait – or maybe I’m the only one who likes it or needs to cover their hand-me-down dining table that looks a bit country.

I know all the design blogs have been obsessing over these for some time and I’m sure all of them have at least one Orla Kiely Target product by now. Now I completely understand the hype because the colors and the pattern have really brightened up the room. Yep, this tablecloth totally made my day.