Kit Kat Asia


When my parents asked what I wanted from their trip to Hong Kong, I only had one request: green tea Kit Kats. I knew my chances were slim since they really come from Japan but I was hopeful. They’re close enough, right? My mom couldn’t find them but being the mom that she is, she didn’t disappoint and came back instead with three different kinds of Kit Kats.

Apparently there is an endless list of Kit Kat flavors out there and these are just some of them: lemon chocolate, cookies & chocolate, and sesame-glazed potato.


I wasn’t too excited about trying the lemon chocolate but this one had a nice flavor. Maybe it was the white chocolate, but it didn’t have that overwhelming tang that I was expecting. It was subtle and sweet. As you can tell from the packaging, this flavor was made especially for Valentine’s Day.

The cookies and chocolate was, of course, nothing spectacular. How does it taste? Let me tell you a story. One day the cookie half of an Oreo wondered what it would be like to be a filling. He smooshed himself into crumbly bits and then jumped inside a Kit Kat bar. The end.

Now, the sesame-glazed potato boggles my mind. I still haven’t figured it out before and after I found out what the flavor was. I do know that it’s trying to mess with my tastebuds. The sesame flavor is there but I am not sure if it’s a potato or a sweet potato. There’s a hint of saltiness and it has a very Asian flavor. If you’ve ever had any type of Asian snacks, the taste would be very familiar to you.

5 thoughts on “Kit Kat Asia

  1. green tea Kit Kat! get it girl! a friend of mine is getting ready to go to Japan; imma ask him to bring me some!! welcome to the world of bloggin! looking forward to ur posts.


  2. by the way, i currently have a gallon and a half of green tea ice cream straight from Japan! I love that *ish!

    • I don’t know where she got them exactly but I’m guessing you can probably find it a local market or souvenir shop.

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