Cute overload

Here are a couple of goodies that I picked up from the Unique LA event…



I bought the scarf and hoodie combo pictured on the left or you can call it “scoodie” to add on some extra cuteness. I had only seen this idea floating around the internet but this was the first time I saw one in person. So of course I couldn’t miss out on an opportunity to have my very own scoodie and Eon had a great selection with many different colors and patterns. The best part is that it’s reversible!

It was obvious at the Unique event that the bf/gf duo that comprises of the Eon team were both so excited and passionate about their creations. What’s even better is that they were so cool and helpful. And who wouldn’t love someone who comes up with sushi pillows?


fomato cards

Is it weird that I like to entertain myself by reading the cards on fomato’s website? Their greeting cards have adorable characters combined with clever humor and are loaded with cute. I got the card above for my music-obsessed cousin who wears lots of graphic shirts. Yes, this card and my cousin were meant to be and I can’t wait to hear him laugh when he reads it. Plus fomato cards are perfect for your hip, modern friends. Where else can you get a card for that very special Facebook friend?