Prettea: the blooming tea


This bundle of tea looks like a weird hairy mushroom but once you add water it will slowly bloom…

from this…


to this…


Ta da! It’s not a hairy mushroom anymore and the tea leaves have opened up to reveal a red chrysanthemum flower. Then it will look like you’re drinking out of a vase!

I found many versions of this thermos through the internet but finally picked this one from Summit Tea. I wanted it to be made out of glass instead of plastic and it is double-walled so you won’t burn your hands from the hot water. It also comes with a tea strainer that you place near the top for loose tea leaves and a lid if you’re on the go.

Summit Tea also sells blooming teas but you can usually find them in specialty tea stores. There are many types to choose from with all kinds of flowers. It’s fun to watch it unravel and makes tea drinking even more relaxing.