Welly, welly, wellies!

hunter-2This was surprisingly one of the best purchases I ever made even though it made no sense for me to get rain boots. I live in Los Angeles where more than a few days of rain is breaking news and the only kind of outdoor walking I would probably do is walking to and from my car. So, yes I didn’t really need them. Then I remembered that this was the land of Ugg boots. If girls are putting their feet in sheepskin in 80 degree weather then sure, I can wear wellies! (Ew, it must be musty in there!)

hunter-1I decided to pass on the brightly colored ones, the polka dots, the plaids, the flower patterns and all others that would draw too much attention to my geographically-incorrect shoes. I did a little research and convinced myself to go all out and bought myself a pair of Hunter wellies. If you’re going to get rain boots I highly recommend investing in these. The Hunter brand holds a Royal Warrant of Appointment and nothing is more convincing to me than a promise to the Royal Family that they will always do a kick ass job.

Once I put them on, I was amazed by how comfortable, well-made, and stylish they were. I knew right then I was going to have them forever. Plus, my klutzy self won’t need to fear slipping or cringing when dirty water splashes on the back of my legs. But most importantly, how fun is it to say “wellies”!?