My kind of Lady

Michelle Obama and I have one very important thing in common:

But she would eat the fries every day if she could. “They are my favorite food in the whole wide world,” she said. “I could live on French fries.” – NY Times

Me too! Mrs. Obama, let’s chat about the versatility of J.Crew cardigans over two large orders (since I know you wouldn’t share either) of McD’s french fries one day, okay? My treat.

An inspirational field trip


I am really looking forward to the Unique Los Angeles event! This show gathers all the artists and designers in the community to showcase their creative goods and where I can drool in awe and shop at the same time! I can’t wait to get inspired and be among people who love design as much, and probably ten times more, than I do.

Check it out! Unique Los Angeles

Image via Unique LA.

Tommy Jr., surely you jest


I was innocently reading about macrobiotic meals in the LA Times’ Food section today and my junk-food-loving-eyes diverted to the ad above. What!?

It all seemed like a joke. The chili goodness of Original Tommy’s World Famous Hamburgers now comes in a box, excuse me, “brick” at my local grocery store? I love me some Tommy’s but I prefer to leave the job of making greasy food to the fast-food cook. Somehow that makes me feel better.

But wait! I did a little researching after noticing that – whoops – it’s actually Tommy Jr. According to the ad and their website, he is the son of the original Tommy’s owner Tom Koulax. A part of me wants to squint my eyes and say, “Suuuure, buddy,” since the original Tommy’s website makes absolutely no reference to the Tommy Jr. product. Not to mention the fact that there has been a number of imitators of this beloved Los Angeles eatery and this might be the packaged version. Of course, it could just be that the two businesses are independent of each other. Simple as that. Legal stuff aside, I’ll be getting my chili cheeseburger fix at Tommy Senior’s instead of Junior’s frozen version.

So brick, huh? I don’t know if a suggestion of what would happen to my arteries is such a great idea.

Seriously, this is real. Tommy Jr’s Original Chili Factory

Welly, welly, wellies!

hunter-2This was surprisingly one of the best purchases I ever made even though it made no sense for me to get rain boots. I live in Los Angeles where more than a few days of rain is breaking news and the only kind of outdoor walking I would probably do is walking to and from my car. So, yes I didn’t really need them. Then I remembered that this was the land of Ugg boots. If girls are putting their feet in sheepskin in 80 degree weather then sure, I can wear wellies! (Ew, it must be musty in there!) Continue reading